We are a small hobby farm, each horse receives individualized care daily. Facilities include pasture boarding on 32 acres.  The pasture also includes 2 spacious shelters that are cleaned regularly. All horses are provided  quality hay as well as excellent quality access to pasture.


· 32 acres and 4 pastures used for rotational grazing.

· Only 10 horses at one time on the facility. Grouping of 5 horses together.

· Grain is included 2 times a day.  

· Large 75x150 outdoor arena

· Lean-to shelters are spacious and cleaned.

· In the winter horses are provided quality  hay— summer pasture is abundant and hay is supplemented when needed.

· Board is $190 per month

· We offer the assistance of any extras, please inquire of our charges. We are willing to accommodate.

· Space for your tack trunk, saddle, and bridle.


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