Horse in divided pastures.  Pasture is rotated frequently. With 3 acres of pasture per horse we are able to meet the demands and needs of proper holistic horse care.


Overview of pastures. Pastures are mowed to ensure weeds are kept to a mininum.  

In the event that your horse is injured or that lay-up is needed we have a lay-up stall available. Needed for a day, a week, or a month it is only $5 extra per day. Daily cleaning and bedding included.  


 View of the  wash area. Plenty of room to groom or bathe your horse. Crossties are provided inside of the barn as well.

A view of the drylot. Our property drops 30 to the back of the pasture, therefore, assisting in good drainage and no mud issues. We keep the horses in the drylot full time in the spring and gradually introduce to the lush spring grass. 

         Front of barn.

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